When Scammed by an Online Casino: What to Do

Understanding the Situation

Discovering that you’ve been scammed by an online casino can be quite frustrating. You might feel helpless and powerless, but you need to take action as soon as you can. Before anything else, you must understand the situation properly and know the details of what happened. Gather all the information possible. Look for receipts of bank transactions, screenshots of your games and chats with customer service representatives, and emails from the casino.

Contact the Casino

As soon as you find out that you’ve been scammed, contact the casino. Send them a formal email and attach all the evidence you have gathered from your previous activities in their casino. Be as detailed as possible and narrate how and when you found out about the scam. Ask them to start an investigation and that you expect clear feedback soon.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool if you want to react and make your voice heard. Post about your situation on all your social media platforms. Make sure that you use the right hashtags so that the casino’s customers can view and share your story. Some online casinos have social media teams that are responsible for monitoring their brand’s reputation. They usually respond to public complaints as quickly as possible, and your post might just be what they need to improve their services and refund your money.

File a Complaint

If your chosen online casino is licensed, then you can file a complaint. A license means that the casino is regulated and operates according to the rules of the regulatory body in charge. Each regulatory body has a complaints procedure, which you can use to complain about the casino’s conduct and actions. Be prepared to present all the evidence you have because, without it, the regulatory organization won’t be able to help you.

Report to Authorities

If the online casino is based in the same country where you reside, you may file a complaint with local law enforcement authorities. They have more power and can take action against the online casino owners. Report any fraudulent activity related to bank accounts, money laundering, card theft, and other criminal activities. If things get worse, you always have the right to sue them in court. Expand your understanding of the subject by visiting this external website we’ve handpicked for you. Learn from this detailed guide, obtain a fuller understanding of the subject addressed.


Being scammed is extremely frustrating but it doesn’t mean that you should give up and lose all hope. There are still steps that you can take to get your money back. Act fast and be smart in dealing with the situation. Think about the pieces of evidence you need, and document everything that happens from your first encounter with the scam until the issue is resolved. Rest assured that if you handle the issue properly, you’ll get your money back in no time.

When Scammed by an Online Casino: What to Do 1

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