Never Cheat On Your Crazy Boyfriend – Dont Belittle Yourself

Never cheat on your crazy boyfriend, sounds a little like a country western song; but it is good advice. Actually, if you have any self respect at all, you should never cheat. For some odd reason it seems like today cheating is considered a good thing. Being a player is something to be proud of. Unfortunately, that’s a load of B.S. Unless of course you can be proud of the fact that you can’t keep a promise, you’re a liar and you don’t care who you hurt. Other than that cheating on your boyfriend whether he’s crazy or not is a bad thing.

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Many people are under the misconception that people cheat because of sex. The reality is that sex is just a means to and end. How many celebrity cheating scandals have we seen recently where the cheater has a beautiful partner at home who loves them yet they’ve been cheating from the very beginning of their relationship.

No, cheating isn’t about sex and it isn’t about being a ‘playa’, it’s about a lack of self control and a lack of self respect. Think about this for a minute, do you want people to think of you as an insecure person? I mean, after all, a person who is confidant in themselves wouldn’t go around making and breaking promises with no regard to the feelings of others.

Only a person who is completely lacking in any feelings of self worth would act like that. Even 5 year olds know that it’s wrong to make promises you can’t keep and to tell lies. Most people wouldn’t think of themselves as being cool if they stop to think that a 5 year old actually acts more mature then they do.

In order to avoid making yourself look like a pathetic wannabe, follow a few tips:

1. Don’t ever get sucked into the idea that if you cheat you are hot, sexy, desirable, etc. If you cheat, you are a cheater and a liar. There is nothing sexy about that. Don’t define your sense of self strictly in terms of the fact that someone is even more desperate and pathetic than you are and is willing to hook up with you.

2. If the reason you are thinking of cheating is because you simply don’t love or find your boyfriend attractive anymore, just break up with him. That’s the decent thing to do and in the long run you’ll cause a lot less pain. You can also move on to your next relationship without the guilt.

3. If you really are so insecure that you feel you have to cheat to feel desirable, you may want to consider getting some counseling. That simply is not normal or healthy behavior and the sooner you can face your issues and change your behavior, the less damage you’ll do.

So while it’s good advice to never cheat on your crazy boyfriend, even better advice is to never cheat at all. If you don’t cheat, you won’t have to worry about facing yourself in the mirror every morning.

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