The Impact of Stunt Driving Charges on Your Driving Record and Insurance Premiums Explained

Understanding Stunt Driving Charges

Stunt driving, also known as street racing, is a serious offence that comes with a hefty price tag. Defined as driving more than 50 km/hr over the posted speed limit, it carries significant penalties that can damage your driving record and insurance premiums. It is important to understand that the charges associated with stunt driving are not limited to cars but also include motorcycles and other motorized vehicles, such as boats and ATVs. Find extra details about the topic within this carefully curated external source we’ve arranged for you. Stunt Driving Lawyer Ontario, obtain essential and supplementary insights that will deepen your grasp of the topic.

The Consequences of Stunt Driving Charges

The consequences associated with stunt driving charges surpass the legal penalties associated with most other traffic violations. Convictions, for example, might lead to significant consequences such as license suspension and a large fine. Fines associated with stunt driving convictions can be exorbitantly expensive, costing up to $10,000, so it is important to note that usual traffic fines from a traditional speeding ticket do not compare.

Another issue is that many insurance companies refuse to maintain the coverage of drivers caught driving recklessly or engaging in stunt driving. As such, drivers who have had their licenses suspended due to stunt driving charges will also face trouble finding an insurance provider that will accept their business when they try to renew or modify their coverage. If coverage is offered, insurance premiums might shoot up to astronomical rates, which can be expensive. As a result, the cost and significance of a stunt driving conviction should not be taken lightly.

What to Do When You’re Charged with Stunt Driving

If you happen to become charged with stunt driving, the first thing to not do is admit guilt. You have the right to dispute the charges and obtain legal representation. Seeking legal counsel from a qualified, reputable traffic law firm typically is the best course of action when looking to prepare a defense. You should have a strong legal representation who can articulate the charges and work towards a favorable outcome, such as allowing you to keep your driver’s license or minimal insurance rate increases.

It helps to have a good understanding of your legal rights as well. Be aware of the fact that police officers, who pull someone over for stunt driving, will typically issue a traffic ticket, but they do not possess the ability to unilaterally seize a driver’s license. Authorities such as the court or the Ministry of Transportation have such power. This is important knowledge, as it may encourage you to be more determined and urged to fight the charges so that they can be reduced or ultimately dismissed entirely.

The Bottom Line

The punitive and legal consequences of stunt driving charges are serious. Driving recklessly and stunting puts the lives of not only the driver and potential passengers, but also other motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians. Make sure to avoid operating vehicles recklessly or engaging in stunting. Uncover additional details on the subject in this recommended external resource., continue expanding your knowledge!

In conclusion, prevention is the key to avoiding inaccurate charges and high insurance premiums. Drivers taking precautionary measures, such as ensuring there is enough time to get to the intended location, driving within the approved speed limit, and paying attention to changing weather and road conditions are important elements of safe driving, which obviously prevents problematic situations of this type from occurring in the first place. With good driving habits and vigilance, drivers can reduce the chances of accruing penalties and reducing their insurance premiums.

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