The Importance of a 1:1 Advisory Program for Coding Bootcamp Students

The Importance of a 1:1 Advisory Program for Coding Bootcamp Students 1

Understanding the Importance of an Advisory Program

Coding bootcamps have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering individuals a fast and cost-effective way to learn coding skills. However, attending a coding bootcamp can be a challenging experience, especially for individuals without a technical background. This is where a 1:1 advisory program comes into play.

An advisory program is designed to provide students with personalized guidance and support throughout their coding bootcamp journey. Students meet one-on-one with an advisor who provides direction on how to approach the coursework, offers feedback on student progress, and provides moral support throughout the program.

The goal of a 1:1 advisory program is to increase the student’s chances of success by helping them stay on track, providing motivation and feedback, and making the learning experience as enjoyable as possible.

Individualized Attention Leads to Success

One of the benefits of a 1:1 advisory program is that it provides students with individualized attention. Rather than feeling lost in a sea of students, 1:1 advisory programs allow students to have their unique backgrounds and skillsets considered.

Students who have a stronger technical background may not need as much support with certain programming languages but may require push in other areas. Likewise, students who have less technical experience may need more support and guidance throughout the program.

A 1:1 advisory program can help instructors tailor their approach to each student’s needs and provide more specific feedback to help them improve.

Increased Student Retention Rates

Student retention rates are a critical factor in the effectiveness of a coding bootcamp program. Retention rates are a measure of how many students complete the program vs. how many started. Most coding bootcamps have an average retention rate of 70-80%.

However, these rates can be boosted by offering a 1:1 advisory program. A 2017 study indicated that coding bootcamp programs with a dedicated advisor program had an 86% retention rate, a considerable increase over other bootcamps without this type of program.

This significant increase in retention rates is likely due to the personalized support and guidance provided to students, as well as the ability of the advisor to identify and address any potential issues early on.

Improved Student Performance and Career Outcomes

The 1:1 advisory program not only improves student retention rates, but it also has a positive impact on student performance and career outcomes.

A recent study indicated that the 1:1 advisory program led to a student GPA boost from 75% to 85%, showing a significant improvement in performance. This improvement in performance can lead to better job opportunities and higher starting salaries, which is the ultimate goal of many coding bootcamp students.


In conclusion, a 1:1 advisory program can have a significant impact on coding bootcamp student success, retention rates, performance, and career outcomes. The program provides students with access to personalized attention, support, motivation, and feedback while tailoring the coursework to each student’s learning needs. Explore the subject matter further by visiting this specially curated external website. coding bootcamp, uncover additional information and fresh perspectives on the topic discussed in the article.

For coding bootcamps interested in a more comprehensive and effective program, it’s clear that a 1:1 advisory program is an essential ingredient to promote student success and career outcomes.

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